What project 3 is on

My project 3 is based upon the controversy that surrounds marijuana because it is on track to being legalized on a federal level. Through out my paper and other forms of genre I show that Marijuana really is not as harmful as it is classified to be. Along with such facts I have also included […]

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remix genre assignment

If I had to change either genre1 or 2 I think that I would change my genre 1 from a survey to a video interview. I believe that this is less effective because the survey I chose to make is anonymous and easier for people to respond to because they can gather their thoughts instead […]

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Improvements to project 3

After having my 3rd project reviewed by other students I feel that my genres need improvement. For my first genre, the gigantic joint, I can improve the construction of the joint to make it look more realistic. I can then improve the sculpture by cutting out the leaf with the included facts about marijuana. In […]

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Genre 3 project 3

For my third and final genre for project 3 I have made a gigantic fake joint. The sizable prop has a marijuana leaf cut out on the side with printed facts about marijuana. This pice is ment to be seen as a sculpture with educational properties.

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wagner song remediation

This song can go hand and hand with tom and jerry running around a house where jerry is trying to find cheese and tom is trying to kill jerry. The seemingly voiceless tv show that many know has very few words per episode if any, but tom and jerry never have voices. I can see […]

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