Project 3 proposal

My Project will be on the positive and negative effects of marijuana and the extensive reasons on why it should just be legalised already. Through my paper I will discuss the health benifits, wrong classification, and how it helps to end drug wars. The three different types of genera I will be using are a printed pamphlet, a web based text page, and interviews with several people from my community to see what the average persons opinion on marijuana is. The purpose of the panphlet will be to give basic information on what marijuana is and how it is classified allong with points for why it should be legalised with included negative effects if abused. The most detailed part of my project will be the web bassed text page including: my research paper, multimedia images and videos, statistics, and the effects/ benifits of marijuana. Finally the interviews of people in my community will be used to see if the general public really knows facts on marijuana to support their claims of weather or not it should be legalised. I believe that by adding interviews I can find more points to add to my website to educate people on what they do not know about the drug.


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