Good Or Bad Design

To my peers, when considering important design aspects it is of the up most importance to make sure ones presentation not only captivates a viewer but is also aesteticly pleasing. Some of the most important design elements in my opinion are the use of proper colors, use of good images, word spacing, and if web based easy to navigate. When someone hears the term using proper colors they might not understand what this means, some may even confuse this as using alot of bright colors to make the reader attracted to the positivity of the page, but this is just flat out wrong. Using proper colors means using contrasting colors such as a background and text. A background and text should always be contrasting opposing colors such as black and white or even yellow and purple. It is important for the writer to make the text easy to read when formating text for a viewer you never want to have a white background and yellow text, as many times as we have seen it, it is just not proper design and usually comes out very dificult to read especially if in a classroom setting on a projector. Next, utilising images in ones presentation is always a good way to draw readers in and even to provide information. Pictures should not just be basic images of the topic one is writing on. Pictures should be utilised to show statistics such as graphs or visual representations of important information that the reader can obtain without reading. Third, word spacing is actually much more important then one would think at first. No one, I mean absolutly no one wants to read pages ontop of pages of bland text that just rambles on and on non stop, that’s why it is important to have segmented parts of ones presentation to cover different topics of information to break the information down in a more easy to read format. Finally, if designing a web bassed page it is of the up most importance to make it easy to navigate. This means not having too many links or just having one page. The ideal website will have a very neatly organised home page with a breif summary of what the purpose of the website is about with a few aesteticly pleasing images or even a video. Within links of the website they should be devided up into sections of interst or knowledge, this means all multimedia should be included and not made into another link that viewers must go diging for.



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