remix genre assignment

If I had to change either genre1 or 2 I think that I would change my genre 1 from a survey to a video interview. I believe that this is less effective because the survey I chose to make is anonymous and easier for people to respond to because they can gather their thoughts instead of answering on the spot. I think that the use of a survey is much more superior to that of an interview because statistics taken from a survey are easier to compile and analyze the data which is collected. Although not as good of a choice  as a survey I believe that a video interview would be the second best choice because the video can be made to hold the attention of viewers better then that of a typed paper of statistics. The video would also appeal to a visual learner better then a survey. If I were to make a video interview then it would turn out in a why where I would ask a question then show a clip of how everyone responded to the single question. Once the first question is answered by all of the interviewes the second question will then be asked by be and then once again every person whom i am interviewing respond to answer only the one quewstion. Through out the video I would put in intereesting cut away photos to show statistics and important information in an easy to percieve manner without making it too much for someone to read as they become uninvolved.


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