Project 3 proposal

My Project will be on the positive and negative effects of marijuana and the extensive reasons on why it should just be legalised already. Through my paper I will discuss the health benifits, wrong classification, and how it helps to end drug wars. The three different types of genera I will be using are a […]

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Good Or Bad Design

To my peers, when considering important design aspects it is of the up most importance to make sure ones presentation not only captivates a viewer but is also aesteticly pleasing. Some of the most important design elements in my opinion are the use of proper colors, use of good images, word spacing, and if web […]

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ch8 and project 3

In our latest project, project 2, we were required to make a question then create a thesis from the topic. Once we did that then the writing process began, but for Gwen, the writer picks out a topic of interest, then and only then does the author being to ask questions turning into multiple thesis. […]

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revisions to my paper

From receiving feedback from both my instructor and two peers in my class I feel that there are some significant changes I can make to my paper. Some of the changes I am going to make are the addition of pictures and a video, along with revising my paper for gramatical errors that I have […]

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annoying ways people use so

I believe that students when learning how to write in a professional setting should learn how to properly incorporate sources. This article is for first year college writers because students that are successful need to know how to write their own papers with proper quotes. By knowing how to properly integrate quotes into ones paper […]

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project 2 outline

With a law enforcement cost of over 3.5 billion dollars a year marijuana is costing the American tax payers lots of money. Now in consideration for recreational and medical use in many of the states marijuana has both pros and cons of its legalization. In this research paper I will be addressing who would benefit […]

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