What project 3 is on

My project 3 is based upon the controversy that surrounds marijuana because it is on track to being legalized on a federal level. Through out my paper and other forms of genre I show that Marijuana really is not as harmful as it is classified to be. Along with such facts I have also included feedback responses to see what people actually know and how they feel about marijuana as a drug so I can better address an audience.


Through the process of creating my 3 different genre’s for project 3 I gained an appreciation for 3d sculptures and print genre. I learned that through linking multiple forms of genre together I can better appeal to a larger audience then if I only had one genre or they were unattached all together.

Somethings I can still learn is how to better create a physical genre that is more appealing then what I have created. I thought my idea of making a gigantic joint with facts on the side was good but for some reason I didn’t see it getting too much attention. From this project I have gained a better understanding of how to draw in an audience with visual aids but I believe I still can learn much more about how to use my work to visually draw in an audience.


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