wagner song remediation

This song can go hand and hand with tom and jerry running around a house where jerry is trying to find cheese and tom is trying to kill jerry. The seemingly voiceless tv show that many know has very few words per episode if any, but tom and jerry never have voices. I can see this song being played during a climax point of an episode where jerry almost gets caught several different times, then the octave changing and reversing to getting deeper instead of higher pitched when tom dies from a piano falling on him. This song can also be used in the continuation of the episode where tom would contimplate decision making by looking at the devil and an angel on his sholder before coming back to life to inevitably chase jerry around.

Another scene I could see this song being used in would be an introduction to something that is extremely worthy of such praise. The song could be played in the background of the beginning of a movie too to signify that some action of a great effect is about to take action… especially if the movie is that of a war or a battel.


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