Improvements to project 3

After having my 3rd project reviewed by other students I feel that my genres need improvement. For my first genre, the gigantic joint, I can improve the construction of the joint to make it look more realistic. I can then improve the sculpture by cutting out the leaf with the included facts about marijuana. In the second genre which is the survey I created, I feel this can go without changing. I believe that my survey properly tests basic understandings of marijuana along with surveying the light effect of marijuana in peoples life. For my third and final genre I have a website. Some of the improvements I can make to my website are mostly aesthetic. I can do improvements such as making links and images come up easier for users, making the backgrounds of the webpages nicer, and organizing material more sufficiently. My entire project is linked together through the online website I put together. I believe the best out of the three genres would hands down have to be the website because in the most convenient way it brings all 3 of the genres I am targeting to one location, the internet. One of the best ways to get infirmation around is from using the internet and social media so I believe that linking pictures that were also snapcodes that would direct users to my survey is a great way to also further the bind between the multiple genres.


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