ch8 and project 3

In our latest project, project 2, we were required to make a question then create a thesis from the topic. Once we did that then the writing process began, but for Gwen, the writer picks out a topic of interest, then and only then does the author being to ask questions turning into multiple thesis. I think this is similar to the way we will be asked to preform our third project where we will ask multiple questions producing more then one thesis. By doing this we will cover more information and make our purpose much stronger in the sense that an audience will not be able to argue with your information if you have every aspect of the negative side disvalued. It seemes to me that project three is more like a debate project because we are required to present much more information in a manner that is understandable to a wider audience, basicly the same thing that one would do if they were in a debat on such a matter.

I think that all around Gwens idea of maketing multiple ideas and angles of the same original braud  topic can be used in either a good or bad way. I think that this type of project can be very successful if the writer is actually looking to do research and learn about the topic, but if there writer is just trying to widen their topic to make it easier to reach a specified work count they will surly fail.


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