revisions to my paper

From receiving feedback from both my instructor and two peers in my class I feel that there are some significant changes I can make to my paper. Some of the changes I am going to make are the addition of pictures and a video, along with revising my paper for gramatical errors that I have missed. Another change I would like to make to my paper is to in forms of revision would be to make my paper easier to understand for people who do not know a lot on my topic by explaining briefly the breakdown of marijuana as a plant and a drug. By having others help me in the revision process of my paper I feel that my paper will turn out much more succesful then it would have it I did not share my work to others to get feedback on. One thing that I wish we did as a class would be to have a second peer revision step to get another opinion of ones paper once the first collection of revisions are made. With that I also think it would be helpful and much more effective if each student reviewed only one other students paper during the revision process as it seems many people do the revision assignment primarily for a grade and do not put enough effort into the recommendations to actually lead to significant help. In conclusion, my paper has to undergo many changes and I feel like having the ability to have another student read over my work greatly benefited me.


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