annoying ways people use so

I believe that students when learning how to write in a professional setting should learn how to properly incorporate sources. This article is for first year college writers because students that are successful need to know how to write their own papers with proper quotes. By knowing how to properly integrate quotes into ones paper the writer is gaining knowledge and credibility to their paper. I first believe that a source should be introduced and then must be referenced to more then just once in the paper. A truly academic paper should cover much material, and once a source is pulled there is at least enough information on each source for two quotes or references back to it. Next, quotes should be used to combat opinion that may help argue your point in a research paper. An example where this would be useful in my life is that I could give a statistic in my paper on how no reported deaths have occurred due to the use of marijuana, opposed to alcohol which kills 88,000 every year.

Another point worth discussing is that when working with quotes one must make sure that their paragraphs or new ideas do not begin or end with a quote. In the same manner quotes should not be added just to fill a space to meet a words count, this is how people have papers that do not appeal to readers. If one writes a paper and does not properly integrate a source, either through summarizing, paraphrasing, or quoting, the paper will become choppy and will not appeal to the audience due to the multiple shifts of viewpoint in the writing. In conclusion the integration of sources properly is just as important as including factual information to begin with, you can talk all you want to in your paper, but it all means nothing if the readers are uninterestingted and uninformed.


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