project 2 outline

With a law enforcement cost of over 3.5 billion dollars a year marijuana is costing the American tax payers lots of money. Now in consideration for recreational and medical use in many of the states marijuana has both pros and cons of its legalization. In this research paper I will be addressing who would benefit from legalization of marijuana the most, the government or the American people. I will the address the most logical solution for how to deal with the legal status of marijuana.

Questions to answer in my paper.

What will happen to the united states economy if marijuana is legalized?

What is the current state of the united states economy?

what are the medical benefits of marijuna

How does marijuana compare to similar drugs in its class?

Could marijuana be used in a medical state without intoxicating effects?

Is marijuana truly addictive?

Why has marijuana been illegal until this point?

What ways would the government benefit from legalizing marijuana?

How would american citicens be effected by the legalization of marijuana?


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