Integrating sources

Sources integrated in ones paper for a research article can be very helpful to add a professionals opinion or research to your paper. Considering that most college students do not have the means of conducting their own scientific research with the materials that are available such as my research topic, turning to research that has already been conducted in a great alternative. By collecting information from scientific research already preformed one can integrate quotes of factual information through a report of information. When a report of information from many sources is linked together ones own research can be done to conclude outcomes such as that in my paper by identifying the taxes from legal marijuana sales in the legal recreational state of Colorado one can then conclude an approximate value of tax revenue that would be accumulated through legal sales in all states.

For proper integration of a legitimate academic source can be added by explaining the importance of ones quote from a source. For example, by integrating a quote on medical benefits of marijuana one can then explain that extracts from the schedule 1 drug can be used for medical use and have major benefits without the addictive properties traditionally in the natural state of the drug.

Another method of using a source is to paraphrase from the author. By paraphrasing one can change the way that the original author was intending to speak to an audience. A good reason to paraphrase is to explain an idea while keeping the same flow in the paper.

Finally summarizing a source is the best way to get the main idea of an author across in the shortest means possible. When summarizing a source one should stay on topic with the main idea that the original author intended to get across to he reader but much shorter then the original article.


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