My Discussion

If this conversation were based on my project it would have been slightly different. One of the main differences would be the people who are interested. Instead of people consuming clean water, the people who would be interested in my paper would be people who would want to see marijuana get legalized, people who want to see it stay illegal, and the people who are indifferent. I believe that this paper will appeal to everyone because the legalization of marijuana in someone’s place of life would drastically change there way of life such as making the smell of marijuana a norm in life to explain to ones kids. Another change would be the impact of the legal sales of marijuana and how it will effect cities and the united states government. When the discussion were to get to the portion on Finding sources I believe that I would already know how to find proper sources and would not need to have a conversation on how to find proper sources. Finally the discussion would change in the part where they start to discuss the development of the paper I would construct my paper in a manner such that my work is being both informational and not opinion based. I feel like my paper would not need much help as my question and topic is very interesting and pertinent in todays society. The topic I chose was not due to the presence of lots of material on it but due to the major impact of what it would have on the lives of people if legalized.


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