2 sources project 2

So far I have found several sources to consider in the production of my paper. The first source I will be talking about is the benefit the state and government will have from the legalization of marijuana. Although this document is strongly based towards legalizing the still federal illegal drug, I would like to keep in mind that my research paper will be conducted in a manner such that I will see what is the best approach for the citicens, consumers, and government and what type of legalization process should be used to be the most beneficial to every party involved. Now, in finding such sources such as the one I already mentioned, This document talked about the 14% tax placed on all consumer sales of marijuana directed towards schools in Colorado. Seeing that this is over an additional 20 million US dollars going towards the education of the youth, what would be wrong with selling pot. Well, one might say that yes the schools are making more money to better educate students and fundings, but there is also the side of people who believe that Marijuana is harmful and impactful to a learning brain. This point sees relevance because if pot all of a sudden becomes legal it now becomes mainstream, just as it would be to see an adult drinking responsibly teens and others who could be even younger may see such activity and find it acceptable to experiment with. Now, if this were to happen one could not only move on to more illicit drugs but could also destroy dopamine receptors in their brain, not directly leading to an addiction to marijuana but the vulnerability to an addictive personality. The major issue with developing an addictive personality is that the user would then become more susceptible to becoming an alcoholic or even become a serous drug user.




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