Library Highlights and Googlepedia

According to Liz, our research librarian, there are many useful and important features of using FSU’s library resources. From the point when we walked into the library it was prevalent to us that the FSU library is full of resources… not only do they have more books then one could ever read, but computers with tons of research databases no one could ever go through. One thing that I learned from liz that I think is very important is that there are 24/7 librarians on the website to answer any of your research questions.  Some other resources provided by FSU I intend to use in the future are the research databases, citation management, and the ability to rent and use study rooms.

The article “Googlepedia” goes over many points, one point I believe to be the most correct to believe is the use of wikipedia for the main picture. What I mean by that is that wikipedia is obviously not a valid scholastic source to cite, but if just starting a paper wikipedia can be used to get a better idea on a subject with multiple viewpoints. One thing one should consider while writing a paper is to not use wikipedia once your topic is decided, in the developmental phase of your thesis wikipedia and basic sources such as this could be used for a greater understanding.


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