Research process

In my writing process of research there are many steps. When I start a research paper I usually start with developing a topic or interest. Once I have a topic on interest I would like to learn about I then look up basic searches of the topic to get a basic understanding. I usually get my basic research from places such as wikipedia and google first result. Once I conduct my basic research I then move onto more developmental stages such as pre writing.

While I am pre writing I write down basic ideas and points which I would like to include in my paper and linking those ideas to sources. The sources I actually use are from approved databases or from google. Once my Ideas are collected and I know exactly what to search up for my research paper I then start the real research process.

During my actual research process I go to the library and try to find at least one book and from there utilize the schools online database to search up topics such as the government and consumer benefits of legalizing marijuana which I am currently working on. On top of looking up the main research question such as who benefits from the legalization of marijuana, I will also look up topics such as the medical benefits of marijuana, what percentage of marijuana smokers move on to other drugs, and even how will the government regulate and benefit in taxes from the recreational sale of Marijuana.

In conclusion, after I gather all of the nessicary information I then begin to compile all of my information researches or otherwise on a document which I will then edit and proofread. Once this is done I will begin my drafting phase and then prefect my paper until I feel it is acceptable to turn in.


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