Project 2 proposal

The topic in which I will discuss is the matter of should marijuana be legal or illegal for both medical / recreational uses. Now even though personal belief and bias goes into play here I will soul be conducting my paper based on scientific findings from both sides of the coin. On one hand there are a large group of people that want to see marijuana legalized for recreational uses because they like the drug. Along with those people there are the less extreme who believe it should be legalized for medical uses for its healing properties. Finally, there are the people who want to see marijuana stay illegal. Every point of view has many good points and I will try to address as many of which as I can without inputing personal bias.

Next, I will compare the illegalization of marijuana to the liquor ban during the 1920’s and going off of the facts such that the government allowed the sales to be present once they were able to set and regulate taxes. After this I will discuss government involvement for quality control and how paying taxes and having government regulations on drugs and alcohol such as these can be beneficial to not only the country but to individual consumers.

One final discussion I will set in my paper is the use of marijuana in religious practice. Now, many know that there are illegal substances used for religious practices, but did you know that the most common gateway drug is also used in religious practice in some places. The use of marijuana in religious practice is allowed because of the constitutional rights all Americans have being able to practice their religious beliefs freely and without obstruction, but should the government really allow the use of ban substance to a religious group.


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