Why and how i created my own college

why and how I created my college

Through reading this article I liked the fact that the author said he constructed his college based on the principle of perception instead of facts. I believe it is great for teachers and professors in all learning environments to nurture a growing brain by encouraging personal perception and original ideas. Another point which the author went over was the use of literary devices in his college. I think the use of literary devices in the use of pathos, ethos, and logos is a good way to draw in the attention of students and keep them involved in everything that is being taught.

Next, the author explains that the landscape of the college makes a difference to the behavioral aspects in a students life. I immensely believe in this ideal that a positive learning environment leads to a better student with a happy demeanor while on the contrary a poor learning environment leads to a student with a depressed personality.

Finally, the construction of the college in a hands on learning base free of technology and computers is and seems to be the most productive. The author goes over multiple ways in which he accomplishes this, but I see it as a way to limit student enabled distractions such as computers in class rooms. Although computers are a great source of information and research databases they can also be an immense distraction for students, especially those with wandering creative minds such as myself. I genuinely could see myself learning in an environment such as this because of the hands on learning techniques titled in this college.


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