Research History

Some research projects I have done but not limited too are analysis of structural design and physics research. My favorite research paper that I have ever conducted was a physics project where I utilized a laser to emit light and utilized my understanding of wavelengths and protonic beams to measure energy. Through conducting this research paper my main question was what the variable of energy strength was and how it changed depending on light radius. The entire time I was conducting experiments I used the same laser with the same energy emotion, the only thing different was the end point of the beam’s radius. I figured I would be able to find a mathematical formula to calculate the energy concentration of photons but cold not find such formula so I went to work creating my own. With much work and perseverance I did what anyone thought… I could not figure it out. I believe, even though I was unable to answer my initial project question, that  I learned much more from this paper then I ever have from anything else I have ever written. For starters, I had to learn to overcome the obstacle of being stuck and come up with a new project that could utilize the research which was used from the previous question I was unable to answer. While conducting this work I was a dual enrollment student working with both my high school and Florida Atlantic University. I think that by conducting this research that my understanding of college level papers has grown immensely by teaching me the proper way to cite sources along with a better understanding of research databases. In conclusion I gained much knowledge from conducting this research project and plan to Implement the skills i have learned into this english class including the paper we are starting now. 


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