RR draft

My project started with the proposal of analyzing my artifact which was a clip from the first season of the walking dead. My ideas changed from analyzing basic ideas of genre to looking into deeper understanding of genre through inference and how the application of such can be beneficial. The development of my paper became better through fixing my grammar and the deeper explanation of genre along with my own understanding of genre. Through the compositionon of my paper I made multiple edits and even took ideas down on my phone when they came to my mind. Once my ideas were more compiled into an organized manner I began writing my first draft. Once my first draft was complete I got revisions from another student and have found multiple ways to improve upon my first draft. Some ways I found to improve upon my paper were to take out repetitive portions, go more in depth on the understanding of literary devices, and build upon the understanding and connection between genre of multiple entertainment pieces. During the class workshops and the peer responses I believe that my paper was most changed. One main change to my paper suggested through my peer response was to take out the portion on genre analysis of the song “september”. I think that this portion of my paper can be drastically improved upon because I did not make the proper connection to the relicense of this point. The point in which I was trying to make was that genre in song and video is both relevant in making the style of entertainment readily available for viewers to be able to pick out entertainment pieces they may be intrigued by. Along with making revisions to the song and video connection I will also make changes to the portion of my paper dedicated to analyzing my artifact as some parts go into too much detail.


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