Fake news

If I was going to add a third page to the fake news article, it would include the false use of social media for propaganda. In many instances teens, young adolescents, and even some adults receive their “news” from social media. Now, if you ask anyone with a social media if they can post anything without publication rights or even a masters in the subject discussed you would most likely already know the answer, NO. Anyone, now I mean anyone, even the uneducated can post nilly willy about what ever they want on social media such as Instagram, twitter, or blogs for that matter. Now after taking a step back and realizing that anyone can make a post, how credible do those posts on political conflicts seem now. Still not convinced, well even our new president elect goes through issues with public social media with professional news stations. Thats right, real news stations take pictures and poorly potrey our current president. One good instance where a liberal news group provided “news” was last week at the inaugural presidential speech. A picture was taken from the most crowded moment of past President Obamas inaugural speech then a picture was taken of the least crowded moment of our new president Trump’s crowd as many people were not there. This is a clear example of current political propicanda used to make people thing that there were not many Trump supporters. Now, in theory this would be very convincing and to many simple uneducated people who wouldn’t take 30 seconds to do more research, this would be their news for a week. But from one simple search on google shows that Obamas 2013 speech drew roughly 1 million people while Trumps speech drew the same number… while Clintons number was only in the low 250,000 range, But that was never mentioned. crowd_split_social_y.jpg


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