Discourse communities

Discourse communities and genera seem to have much of an overlap. In my opinion, from reading the text, Discourse communities is a more broad topic to refer to sorting items when compared to genera. Now if one was separating papers they could do it in terms of a Discourse community and have a pile of good and bad papers. Now on the other hand the papers can be analyzed as specific generes such as horror, comedy, or even fiction. Discourse community and genera are important for us to analyze and completely understand do we can too include them in our papers to make for a more interesting read, but also to be able to disect what another author writes. While genera and discourse communities are rather close in the matter that they are both names of terms used to file or segeregate of topics there are some differences of the two. First off, discourse communities are usually big groups and topics of orginisation that many smaller teams can fit with inside. While the terms discourse community may be misunderstood it must always be bigger and include multiple interior genres with it. For example our item can be social media then our discourse community could be face book. Once a discourse community is established the general can then be developed. Some possible general to include would be Joy, artsy, creative, poetry, food, family, love, and even spite. these are all general of post found on many social media sights which would be included in our discourse community.


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