In-Class Project 1 Proposal Response

From listening to my peers I drasticly changed my proposal. When I started my proposal my topic was more about social issues and not about genera in an intertainment pice. Once I listened to the work of a few of my classmates I changed my paper to include an aspect of genera through a cinematic film pice. I believe after seeing the progression of not only my project, but of how much better each and every next project presented in class turns out that the more we present and share our work with each other the better our final drafts will turn out. For me as an individual to finish this project on time and put the nessicary effort twards recieving an exemplory grade I will need to have a compleated draft due before this friday so I will have at a minimum 2 days to review and revise the final copy of my first submition. Right now, I am still in my developmental stage of my paper with many jumbled words and the paper does not flow quite well but I am working to link my thoughts and ideas together to make my paper more interesting and cover the many angles of genera that we have covered throught our time in class. One thing I would really like to do since I am going to be using a pice of cinema from the walking dead is to make a preview clip to go with my artifact pice as to fill in the audience on what is happening if they do not watch the very popular tv show.


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