Generas of Artifact (TWD)

My artifact from a scene in The Walking helps us understand genera in many different ways. In the beginning of the scene the audience feels a sense of sympathy and hope for Rick to escape the appocolyptic city of Atlanta and to find his family. While on the escape from the city he finds refuge with a man and his son who protect him for the night before Rick then ventures off in search of his family. This helps us understand genera because the director ties drama and horror into the same story line while making the audience slightly hopeful in Ricks favor. Rick then runs into trouble with zombies and is rescued by a group whose leader at the time seems to be Glen. Once out of the city ironically enough the other half of the group contains not only his wife but also Ricks son and his former police partner. This makes the audience focus on aspects of rejoined love of a family and hopefully thoughts even in a time of despair. But, the show containues to show aspects of genera through drams once the audience is revealed that Sean (the former partner of Ricks) is now sleeping with his wife (Lori). This quick twist instantly swings the audience view from the groups side to Ricks side showing more and more sines of genera through the artifact of this film pice. I think that if this pice of popular cinematic culture is deeply analyzed by someone of great understanding of genres that more can be uncovered. I find it remarkable that the director took a price of writing and turned it into a cinematic pice while still keeping general involved and keeping the audience draws to the screen while splitting their thought between characters and how they feel personally. Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 5.36.03 PM.png


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