Winning Team Deffinitions

Audience- defined as a person or a group of individuals who have a basic understanding of the word “genre”. An audience is usually those who the paper is aimed or targeted for. Overall an audience is the specific people who read, watch, or attend a performance. This is important because an audience is the people who are receiving the intended message.

Constraints- defined as something that limits the range of an individual’s actions. Constraints can limit ones knowledge on what they are trying to get across to the audience. Constraints is usually a negative trait that causes restrictions on ones words and ideas. However, constraints can give some sort of guidelines to the overall work.

Affordances- defined as a quality that a writer can obtain to perform an action. Basically, when a writer provides great detail, the audience can visualize the actions being explained. Affordances are significant because it gives individuals the ability to interpret the information they are given.

composing process- The steps which a writer takes to start writing a paper through a finished product. Through the steps the writer will analyze material, compile thoughts, make a first rough draft, revise, revise again, proofread, and finally publish. The importances to the composing process is taking the original raw materials which one starts with and turning it into a well spoken writing pice.


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