Project 1 proposal

In my paper I would like to focus on the genera of Rap. First off, I like to think that I am an educated person, and their for being able to step back and analyze culture and genera through a community connected my music is something I plan to do. I would like to focus on two main time periods of rap culture, the first being in the 90’s and the second being current day. By analyzing these time periods, I can uncover genera differences from both types of rap within the same genera. I predict that in my paper I will find that more of the older rap from the 90’s will have more meaning and refraince to equal rights while standing up to oppressive authority, while current day rap just isn’t that. Although current day rap is not as meaningfull as the “old stuff” I believe with an unbiased eye from someone who likes to analyze events, that there can be tons of unknown genera meanings to uncover within something many of us hear on a daily basis and never think twice about. I think that within exploring this genera theme i will uncover multimple genres within one.


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