Post #2 shitty first draft

For me, the writing process includes several rough drafts and rewrites. I believe that one of the most important parts of writing once you have gone over your own paper is to be open enough to receive critique from another student or outside source. I think this process is crucial because an outside source with fresh eyes looking at your paper may find something that at first was initially over looked. My writing process is similar to Lammott’s in the fact that sometime I too find trouble in putting interisting words onto paper along with feeling like I have done it before but for some strange reason cannot find the creativity within my self to come up with it. Some ways I help my writing process in the  form of drafting is to always analyze parts of my paper that have topics on which I can expand detail. I too suffer from the shitty first draft but it is always ready to be molded into my final draft at one time or another. This knowledge of drafting will help in project one because we will be writing an analysis. When writing an analysis it is important to have much information but at the same time stay interesting enough to hold a reader. From the looks of it we will also be constructing a retohorical situation which may have to have a few rough drafts as to become interesting along with having a successful story behind it. I believe that when writing especially for a project many rough drafts are needed to polish a paper to perfection.Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 4.27.39 PM.png


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