First blog post

First off, Malcolm X was not only uneducated but only had up to an 8th grade education. With having such limited skills he was unable to convey himself in spoken or written word to a prestigious level. This made Malcolm X unable to participate in written communities which participated in black rights. He was able to close this education gap while incarcerated. While in prision for several years Malcolm X had claimed to have written over a million words in pursuit of a self education. He spent countless hours reading books and writing the dictionary to understand what he was reading. I find it remarkable that even while incarcerated he was able to make something good out of a poor situation especially when sorounded with the every day struggles of being locked up, such as gangs, fights, drugs, and weapons. Malcolm X fueled by the inspiration of his idol Mr. Elijah Muhammad was able to not only focus in this stressful environment but was able to thrive reading at hours of the night when inmates were required to sleep. Through his harsh studies Malcolm X eventually became so well spoken and written that he went on to become one of the most impactful black rights activists who ever lived. By closing these academic gaps in his life he was able to stand out around others and was able to persuade and move people to join his movement which went on to be one of the strongest black rights movements ever. I find it remarkable that someone with an 8th grade education and in prison was able to overcome massive diversity and thrive in the most unideal situation. I think that people can still learn a lot from Malcolm X to this day not only about black rights but about personal achievements, we can all stand to learn something about his self motivation especially as college students loaded with studies. Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 11.03.55 PM.png


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